Glad it's over!

So, week 26 was not the best... actually more like the worst so far. I try to only blog the happy, silly, exciting things people would want to hear about, but this was a tough week. I feel like sharing may make me vulnerable, but will lift a weight off my shoulders from always trying to be strong and happy for those around me. Here's a brief overlook of the trials this week...
  • Had my gestational diabetes test. I'll get the results Friday. This wasn't that bad, but not a fun way to start the week.
  • Was violently ill Tuesday night, from midnight to 2am. Must have been something I ate. Finally fell asleep that night for a couple hours, then was up and on my way to a full day of work, completely exhausted and weak.
  • Took a hard fall Thursday. Was walking out from work on my way to lunch and completley missed the set of stairs leading to the parking lot. I instictively braced myself and my belly never hit the ground. But my hands, arms, and left knee took it hard. My pants ripped, my knee was scraped and bruised, and I had to clean blood and gravel out of my hands. Needless to say, I didn't leave for lunch. I ended up back inside, bandaged myself up, and had an icepack on my knee, under my desk, for the rest of the afternoon.
  • Had been showing our current rental to new potenial renters every night. Which means rushing home from work, cleaning, vacuuming, and waiting for strangers to walk through our home.

I am still recovering from the fall. I woke up the following morning with an aching back, arms, wrists, shoulders, and knee. I am having trouble sleeping at night, from both uncomfortable-ness and just plain insomnia. This doesn't help me at all, because I am tired and unfocused and still working 40 hours a week, which probably resulted in my lack of coordination at the stairs. After Thursday's episode, I held it together for the rest of the work day, then came home and sobbed from pain and exhaustion.

As I mentioned above, we were showing our place to potential renters this week because we are in the process of moving. Thank you to those who are helping us with this transition. I anticipate it being a little difficult based on the state I've been in lately, but something we must do.

Jeff has been such a strong support for me, especially this week. He is always trying to approach my needs in a kind, gentle, loving way. My favorite thing this week was his determination to help me get a good night's sleep. He has created this "pillow fort" on the bed, with pillows stacked on each side of me, a stack for my head, a stack for my feet, and one in the middle for me to cuddle with. The pillow fort has gotten me some sleep, and has also resulted in me falling deeper in love with my devoted husband.

The phrase this week has been - "This is defintitely third-trimester stuff." Between losing my sense of balance, lack of sleep, uncomfortableness, and abundance of tears... Jeff and I have been using the phrase a lot. I'm still a week away from the last trimester, but I have had a glimpse of what's to come. My only grace has been praying constantly and pushing through, knowing that things will get better and that there is a lot to look forward to.

I am in love with this baby and will do anything for him. I can't wait for him to be here.