Exactly this time last week, Jeff and I were flying out of San Diego headed to San Francisco on an 8pm flight. We had just dropped off the dog at my parents house and the boys at Jeffs parents house, and had enough time for an airport cocktail before boarding. This was the first time we've flown up north, every other visit has been by an all-day roadtrip in our Kia. And I haven't been on a plane in 5 years, so the quick one hour flight was a treat.
Friday morning was glorious. Jeff was up first and got me breakfast in bed. The room had a Keurig coffee machine, and after trying it for the first time ever we were immeditely hooked. (Dear Santa, please bring us a Keurig.) A quick breakfast and then Jeff was on his way to the 8am work conference, the whole reason for the trip. I then had the whole day in the city to myself... so I left for a bundled walk through Dolores Park and the nearby neighborhoods.
After a few hours of walking, re-parking the rental car, walking some more, seeing HBO taping a show in the park, taking lots of pictures of falling leaves and blooming bougainvillea... I made sure to make it back to the hotel room in time to meet Jeff at 5pm. Waiting waiting waiting, and by 6, he showed up to tell me he was just on a break and the conference was going until 8pm. Bummmer. Dinner was going to have to wait, and we weren't going to be able to see the 6:36pm sunset by the bridge as planned. And turns out, this was what it was going to be like all weekend... 8am-8pm, he was going to be conferencing.
Regardless of the bad news about his full weekend schedule, we had the best Friday night we've ever had, ever. So crazy crab happy after eating the best meal of the trip, crab chowder, garlic fries, a pile of buttery crab legs, and a bottle of white wine. As the food warmed us up, and the idea that we were actually in one of our favorite cities on date, just the two of us, settled in... we were giggling the rest of the night.
The next morning, we had breakfast together. And lunch. I hung around to see him at noon for his hour break before heading around town to kill time until 8pm.
Downtown was crazy busy on a saturday afternoon, but worth the fight for parking to be able to walk and shop and hit up the three-story anthropologie.
The rental kia I spent a lot of time with.
Hours later, I parked and walked the marina green belt with it's crisp ocean air and golden gate bridge in the distance view. It was a weird feeling to adjust to all the quiet for the weekend, flying solo in the city. Not what was intended for this trip, as I thought I'd have more time with Jeff. But I quickly learned to enjoy the quiet and independence as an unexpected luxury.
Three nights and three days later... sunday! Jeff left for his 8am conference as usual, but was going to be done at 1pm. And with our flight out at 9pm, we were finally going to get to spend some time together!
He did the driving (finally!) and I did the picture snapping...
The hours together flew by, the sun starting to set, and we were off to the airport to head home.
Lombard street, the painted ladies, crissy field, and everything inbetween... it was a good sunday. and a great weekend in the city by the bay.

i heart san fran (and the crab house!) forever.