The weather was beautiful today, showing more signs of fall. But besides the weather, everything else went terribly wrong.

Today was what I like to call, "Things that NEVER happen, but ALL happened on the SAME day."

And instead of a long story, I'll just get straight to the point...

Graham pooped on Ewan's bed.
The kitchen was invaded by ants.
Including Ewan's backpack when he went to put it on for school.
The dog wouldn't take his meds. (He had surgery friday, thats another story.)
Jeff forgot his school books.
So I had to drive them an hour to his school.
I dropped the ipad, and shattered it beyond repair.
And I can't even blame the kids.
And to top it all off, I forgot today was early out at school...
and forgot to pick up Ewan.
He waited in the office for an hour.

I just couldn't catch a break. And these things NEVER happen.

And somehow, we survived the day. Barely.
Some tears, some prayer, and an angel of a friend who rescued me.

Thank you, Sarah, for blessing me with a walk around the block, a listening ear, and pinkberry.

And now to close the chapter on this epic day, and watch some Survivor. heh. :)