I wish I was better with words.
but I've always known I wasn't. And thats ok.

I wish I had quality time to gather thoughts for posts,
but late-night blogging is my jam. And unfortunately, also when my brain is fried after long days.

I wish I used my real camera more.
But these days the iphone is just more convenient for pictures.

The last four posts below were all blogged last night. When my brain was fried, so there's a lack of words to go along with the pictures. And I backdated them, so there wasn't a huge gap from my last post 6 weeks ago.

And even though blogging doesn't happen as frequently as it used to, I still love this space.
I love this space because it allows me to share more than I could squeeze on instagram.
I love looking back through the archives and seeing my family grow.
I love that my kids will have this to look back on.
I love that even if I don't have the words at the time, when I look back on pictures posted here,
all the memories come back of days spent together.


Jeff just finished his second year of law school, spending finals weeks in the school library almost 24 hours a day. Literally sleeping in his car or on my sisters couch, who lives near the school.

We finally have him back!
For three weeks until summer school starts.
Which is the beginning to his last and final year of school.

And we had grand plans of trips and visits and day stops,
wanting to squeeze in all the fun we could in three weeks...
but sadly we are going on day five of two boys with 102 fevers, blistered throats, and ear infection.

And we never get sick around here.

But as disappointing as it has been to cancel plans, and seeing the calendar days pass on our "summer break"

I look back on the last five days spent at home. All four of us piling on our one couch. In our pjs. Watching movie after movie. Eating popcorn and pedialyte popsicles. Getting fresh air in our own backyard. Doctor visits. Pharmacy pick ups. Temperature taking. Two baths a day to cool down. Silly faces and smiles. Cries and sleepless nights. Prayers for health, prayers for strength.

We're doing it all, together.

Jeff stayed home from work. We ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner together as a family.
Its everything we've all been waiting for since January... time together.
Now of course I desperately wish the boys weren't sick right now, but God is watching over us. And loving on us. Keeping Jeff and I healthy.

And I'm thankful for these days we've had together. It was a long time coming.