I posted this picture on instagram today, and was asked for a tutorial. Bam! Here it is.
A baby napping, and some afternoon light and iphone snaps, made this a quick one to share.
You need: yarn. scissors. cardboard. and not pictured... a wreath! I used a cheap styrofoam one I had.
(and not needed but pictured, a crochet hook. I don't know why I stuck that in there, ha!)
Cut a piece of cardboard 2.5 inches wide. The bigger the width, the bigger the pom pom.
Cut a slit, slide a piece of yarn through it.
Then take the yarn from the skein and start wrapping around the cardboard.
I wrapped 40 times per pom pom for these.
Now, use the piece of yarn you placed in the cardboard slit and tie a knot around your wrapped yarn.
Then slide the whole thing off. Make sure it's tied tight.
Start cutting through the loops and see your pom pom begin to pop open!
Give it a little trim around the edges to make it even and round.
Wrap your wreath in yarn to give it a finished look.
Then use those two long pieces of yarn left on your pom pom, and tie them all on your wreath.
Done! Now find a pretty place to hang it...

And as you can see, the poms continued to a garland on the mantel.
You can never have too many pom poms.

Let me know if you make one!


pom pom wreath inspired by this years anthropologie holiday collection.
red yarn wreath made last year, using a modified version of goodknit's pattern.

Added note: yarn used is Lion Brand, Hometown USA Super Bulky, in Houston Cream color