The Buggs are my babies. The very first pair I made were for graham, while I was pregnant and waiting for his arrival. And since then, I have made countless pairs. I literally lost count. :)

I wanted to share a little bit about what goes into them and why I love these so much...

First, they were exactly what I wanted for my baby. So I know the feeling when someone tells me they want them, need them, can't wait for baby to wear them! I was there!

The name... I was calling them graham's baby uggs, and jeff smooshed it together and came up with the name Buggs! I was in love.

From the sole, to the cuff, to the buttons... each pair takes me about 6 hours to finish. Which I work on and off over a few nights, because I could never sit still for 6 hours straight. I crochet nightly in my favorite corner of the couch, after the boys are in bed and while Jeff is at his night classes for law school.

The stitches are tiny and tedious and I count each and every one. Every boot has over 700 stitches that I count. Make that over 1,400 to complete a pair.

If you're familiar with crochet, the boots are made in a round. Meaning, the entire boot is made with one long, continuous strand of yarn being pulled from the skein as I go. I only cut the yarn at the end when it is complete. If you were to ever unravel one, I don't know how long the string would be but you could make a tiny ball of yarn out of it. I've always been tempted to try it and measure the length of yarn used, but you know, hours of work is hard to unravel.

The buttons actually work. I stitch each cuff with two button holes in them so that they can be unbuttoned and opened wide to slip newborn feet in. And then buttoned back up tight, these booties are designed to stay on.

I give each pair of Buggs so much of my time and love, it's hard to let them go. But I don't have 100 babies at home to put them on, so it makes me incredibly happy to send them to their new homes with sweet newbies waiting.

Handmade makes me happy. xo!