Look no further, I found cape heaven. Beautiful, colorful, perfect for fall, vintage capes. Totally diggin' them right now, and these are amazing.

Available at Dear Golden on etsy. Found via Rose Runs Wild.

Speaking of Rose Runs Wild, Nicole over there is the best. One of my favorite bloggers and IGers, her and her family and her wedding planning are the sweetest ever. And she sent a Liebster Award my way, thanks girl! I'm terrible at getting to those surveys, but loved reading Nicole's... we are forever soul mates according to her "things about me" number five, go see!


ps. The shop has been updated for fall! New, yummy, autumn bow colors are available now!
And check back for new Buggs coming next month. You may have also noticed the new blog/logo change, all thanks to my Molly. Yay for the new season and holidays ahead!