This mama was a free bird for the entire weekend!
Even got to drive to nice car with no carseats or crushed cheerios in the back.

wedding dress shopping with the sisters!
Hunger Games with my best!
lunch meetup with with Ali and Molly!
(pics swiped from Ali's instagram)

And while I was running around town saturday and sunday, Jeff manned the house and the boys.
which included light bulb changing, video game playing,
a home depot trip, and carseat and baby gate shopping for graham.
he's the best. my favorite. ever.

And yesterday, before wedding dress shopping and after church, I got to slow down for a bit to squeeze the boys and eat hamburgers and fruit salad at the church picnic. RIGHT before the rain rolled in.

It's a cozy monday over here, just what was needed today.
hope you had a happy weekend!


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