christmas 2011

one day, both families, three houses. here we go!...
christmas morning at our house!
santa brought this 3 year old the "matterhorn!"
yawn, it's eaaaarly...
"almost" crawling christmas morning
Jeff and I black-friday'd our christmas present this year... a new camera!
setting adjustments still a work in progress. :)
baby's first christmas - 9 month old graham-bear
on to my parents house!...
 dad had his dad's 1970 disneyland map mounted and framed for my home!
christmas eve birthday girl! 
abigail's first christmas - 5 months old
sunny christmas brunch, check!
now on to christmas dinner at jeff's parents house!
violet - 2 years old
wyatt's first christmas - 4 months old
4 grandkids this year!
our music for the evening.
slippers all day, advent reading, pioneer woman cinnamon rolls, christmas quiche, babies first christmas (x3!), tamales, tiny toms, matching pajamas, piano playing, hugs, cuddles, kisses, calm....
5 babies this year (3 first timers!) was sweetness overload. and surprisingly calm and filled with so many memorable moments. best christmas ever! and ewan just asked yesterday during all his new-toy playing, if we could do it all again. it was that awesome. :)