3 week finger and some bootie

Have you noticed my tiny finger cast lately? I've been trying to hide it in pictures.
Once upon a time, 3 weeks ago, I was chopping leeks and... yikes! Had to say goodbye to my nail and tip of my finger. So thankful we live closer to family now, cause with Jeff at law school that night, I called my mom to take me to urgent care, my sis to watch the boys, and my dad to clean the cutting board and continue on with my potato leek soup dinner. :)

I have to change the bandage every 2 days, take a one-handed shower with a plastic bag over the other hand, and leave the bathing of the boys to jeff which means it's only been getting done once a week. Heal faster finger! Can't wait to regain full use of my left hand again. And hopefully with a not-too-wonky lookin' finger.

Luckily, I worked up that crochet tutorial before my hand wasn't so pretty anymore.
I haven't picked up my hooks in 3 weeks! Here was the last project I finished, for sweet newbie eden...

Also wanted to give a high-five! or high-four in my case :) to those of you who have shared your shortcut crochet projects with me, loooove them! Keep 'em comin! And check out the new "Featured" page, up today HERE. Was super excited to be included this week in Freshly's weekly mashup!