weekend recap

Saturday: New glasses! My poor eyes keep getting worse and worse. I started out in 5th grade wearing glasses occasionally, only when needed to read the classroom chalkboard. Now, they are the first thing I reach for as I roll out of bed, otherwise I'm blind. I usually peel them off my face and hold them behind my back before a picture is taken. Buuut I think fresh, new lenses won't have me doing that as much now.

Sunday: Boys went to my parents house, Jeff and I drove to LA with his fam to see his sister in a musical, Singin' in the Rain! (Support your local theater! Always full of passionate, hard working, talented performers.) Then we all took her out to a spooky mexican dinner to celebrate her birthday. (And twin brother in Missouri gets another facebook message this year... come home soon!)

And can't forget Friday... iphone4s delivery day! Until then, we were an i-nothing, apple-what? family. Now, Jeff and I have our very first iphones (finally Sprint!) and spent the first afternoon with them Facetime-ing each other from opposite ends of the couch. I also immediately downloaded the Instagram app, as evidenced in the pics above. yeeeee! :)

Hope you had a happy weekend!