pear people

Apparently, we're pear people. After cleaning up dinner tonight, I noticed our current pear stock in the fridge. We buy a bag of pears at least once, sometimes twice a week. Along with bags of cuties... in season and delicious right now.

What a lazy Saturday we had here. Jeff tought his kids' golf lessons this morning, then the plan was to head out rental hunting when he got home. Instead, Ewan headed to his crib, I plopped in bed, Jeff passed out on the living room floor, and Divot curled up in a corner somewhere... and we all took a 3 hour afternoon nap. Now we're gonna have squished Sunday plans tomorrow with church, RENTALS, then superbowl at my sister's... I get to see her new crib! Hopefully we can stay awake for it all. Are pears a possible power food? energy enhancing? I could use it. :)