my day

  • Made calls to friends and family in the area inviting them over tonight for an impromptu holiday dinner.
  • Went to Target. Spent $95.16. Will have to come up with yet another explanation for Jeff as to why always spending a minimum of $100 at Target is law.
  • Got my world rocked at Dollar Tree... stocking stuffers, wrapping paper!
  • Raced through the market grabbing stuff for dinner tonight while Ewan slept hunched over in the cart. And every passerby-er had something sweet to say about my sleeping angel.
  • Made it home by 3:00, threw Ewan in his bed, dumped a roast in the crockpot on high... cook, baby, cook!
  • Sliced my finger while opening a can of tomatoes. Doesn't that always happen when you're in a rush? And it seems to be bleeding more than normal due to my high energy right now. (So here I am trying to sit and slow down for a minute with a tightly, bandaged finger.) Which reminds me of last night... we thought Ewan broke his wrist, took him to the emergency room at 9pm after he wouldn't stop hyperventilating over it, got there and told him a doctor would fix it... he smiled and waved his wrist wildly saying, "all better!" Drove home, but took the scenic route to look at lights.
  • Took out the diapers and trash and came upon a giant, neatly stacked, archive of Real Simple and Gourmet magazine from 2006-2010... did the happy dance, then lugged them all back to my apartment. Will need another explanation to Jeff for this one.
  • Received more Christmas cards in the mail. Love the mailbox in December! Love seeing all our beautiful friends and family's yearly pictures.
  • Now cozying up the house for guests in a few hours. Should be fun!