first ever etsy purchase

It came! I'm no longer an Etsy virgin.
I set up my new account, bulked up my paypal balance, and shopped away.

First purchase, a birthday shirt for the little man.
I made his shirt last year, but was more than happy to just buy it this year. :)
He turns 2 on Saturday! Big beach bash is in the works.
Awww, he's cute.
And now for your viewing pleasure, the attitude...
If that's not a 2 year old for ya, I don't know what is.

The face, the growl, the drop to the knees, the turn away in anguish. Oh, then the face plant, body sprawl onto the floor. You know, the protest that takes place anytime, anywhere, over everything. Oh, joy.

But oh, how I love this boy. xoxo

So excited for Saturday!

Shirt from HappyFamily!