a quick love post

Do not read the following if you have a sensitive gag reflex or amazing eye-rolling talent.

I love my husband.
Especially this week, because...
  • He's pure entertainment as a dad. Yesterday, he put on a cowboy hat and took the role of Woody, while letting Ewan wear the Buzz space suit, and they both flew around the "galaxy" house.
  • He cooked a spaghetti dinner, after he got home from work, and after I criticized the way he was doing it. Boy, I felt really really bad immediately. I made it up to him later.
  • He joined me at his least favorite place, and let me splurge on ikea crap because I have a "vision" for ewan's room.
  • He told me he'll always see me as 24. I don't know why. He doesn't know why. Not a particularly special year of age like when I was 21 when we married or 25 when we had ewan. But I like his thoughtful statement and think it's cute.
  • He brought me home a bag of J.Crew loot (since he's been shopping for himself alot lately and wanted to make it even) in way too small sizes. I love that he will always think I'm smaller than I am. XS and size 0 have been long gone from my closet since our dating days when I was just out of high school.
  • He got a 97% on his final. He's smart. Oh yeah, did I mention he's continuing school?
  • We watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall for the 10th time, sipping Mai Tai's, pretending we were in Hawaii.
  • He called me on his way home from work and said, what do you need. I said chocolate. He brought me home two cakes and champagne.
  • He let my sister crash on our couch for 3 days and took us all out to the beach to watch the sunset.
  • He wore his purple Hugo Boss tie on Tuesday. Gah, he's handsome.
I'm like Ewan, and can't get him off my mind, all day. He's just too good to us. :)

And when they're not playing Woody and Buzz, Ewan is obsessed with the airplane game. And Jeff has been setting up the runway every night...
Ah, my life is blessed, my heart is full.