beachin' it up

Busy, busy here. Well, busy being lazy. I just sent off our houseguest, who's been crashing on the couch here for the last 3 days. Love my sister, and so excited she's moving to the OC this weekend! She was getting super nervous that she hadn't landed a job yet, so the goal this week was for her to stay with me and job hunt full-time until she got something.Well, she's just too cute, and got offered a hostess job her first day out. So instead of cutting her stay short, she stayed, we beached it up, and she started her first day of training at the resturant an hour ago.

Carlsbad beach is always good to us. Now that my "twin" is gonna live here, look forward to many more lazy days with Liana before summer's over. She's headed home tonight to pack up, and I'll meet her Saturday to unload at her new place... which was my first place in college... and she's rooming with Jeff's sister. Big families stick together. :)