big sur

Funny story. About two weeks before we were set to leave, Yahoo's front page popped up with the article, America's Top 10 Roadtrips. Hmmm, could California be in the top 10? You betcha. And Big Sur was #1. We had no plans, up until the day I read that article, to travel up CA Highway 1. So, SO glad we did.

Please bear with me as I indulge in zooming-by-in-the-car, scenic pictures. I just couldn't get enough.

We did pull off for bathroom breaks (see video below), and we definitely break for ELEPHANT SEALS! Seriously cool.

I couldn't get enough of Big Sur and the beautiful drive up Hwy 1.
Ewan on the other hand, as much as he enjoyed the seals, really had his focus elsewhere...
It's really time to start potty training this boy. Just had to get back from vacation. No more excuses now. :)