diamonds, mud, and margaritas

Had a whirlwind of a girlfriend week!
Saturday: Back to college! Visiting the ADPi house for their 40th anniversary of being on the CSUF campus.

Diamond sisters. 10+ years and going strong. First. Finest. Forever.
Tuesday: Mud play day! Glen Ivy Day Spa with my bff. Happy early mother's day to us!

Thursday: Happy seis de mayo! Catching up with past coworkers over margaritas.
And Friday: Lunch with Felicia!
And as for cinco de mayo... we threw a little par-tay. Ole!
Man, I don't wanna ever miss any of the fun when leaving these two characters at home!
But feeling full after seeing so many friends I love.
Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow mamas!
tape strips: pugly pixel :)