the story

Ok, here's the quick version of how the gypsy travels began...
Jeff and I are both from the same town, where we met and fell in love. I went to college. He followed. We got married, and moved into our first apartment together and couldn't have been happier. In fact, our first rental was our longest stay anywhere... 2 years.
I graduated college. He got a new job. I followed, and got a job at the same office. We bought our first home, painted, decorated, threw a party, and couldn't have been happier. Then... the mortgage company we worked for closed. We lost our jobs. We sold our home. This is where the rental hopping started. It wasn't ideal at first, but we grew to love it. To own it. To make it a part of who we were. It has become an adventure. Exciting and gratifying. We never move far from Jeff's job, so no worries. No predetermined plans. No heavy responsibilty. No mortgage payment. No long commitment. It has become a fun hobby looking for our next "new" place come the end of each lease!
A few tidbits...
Our first apartment was our longest stay of 2 years.
We sold our home after living in it for 1 year.
We moved twice while I was pregnant with Ewan.
Our 2 pets, a lovebird and yorkie, have made every move with us.
Our cheapest rent in southern california was $969/month.
Our most expensive was $2,150/month, for 2 bedrooms.
At one point, we lived at my parent's for 8 months. Rent free. :)
We always choose the bottom floor.
And we've become pros at lease agreements, walk-thrus, packing, and patching holes.
After getting married, I did desire the typical, traditional way of family living...
A house with a yard. Walls I could paint.
A place we could stay put and plant plants.
But not anymore. At least not at this point.
I look forward to the surprise of where we're going to be next!
On another note,
It's nice to see everyone here, in our new part of blog-town! Katie, you win as the offical first follower here. :)
For those of you who are new, this originally started as a baby blog to document our first born. But being as that we have plans for more kids and more moves, I needed to generalize the blog a bit. Plus, I've started to get a little more personal on here instead of just hiding behind cute pictures of my son. :)
Don't forget to update your feed readers, and blog lists before the other blog is a goner.
Maybe I'll slurp it into a blurb book. Hmmm...