snow day sunday

We had such a great time at the snow a couple weeks ago,
that we decided to go again for Valentine's Day.
This time with more people, more sleds,
and a big snowball fight. :)

You had to think light while walking,
the snow was up to our knees if you fell through.

Slurping snow for lunch with a wooden spoon and a black eye. That's how we roll. :)

Matching knit caps made by Jeff's grandma.

Lots of sledding.

Jeff got to the "no more sledding" point.
Me, I could go all day. :)

As for Jeff's mom, she won't be making the Olympic sledding team anytime soon.
She did make it down a run eventually, just not this one. :)

And Brandon is just a crazy mountain man.

Second snow day,
another super success. :)