apron and cookies

I won! Can this really be true?
I have won my second giveaway thanks to the lovely, talented, and ever so sweet Diane.
See her amazing creations on her blog, here!
Because we are located in the same area, she hand delivered the winning apron, and a tin full of Christmas cookies as a surprise!
And I'm talking a real deal surprise... where you've just hopped out of the shower, half blow dryed your hair, breakfast still lingering on the coffee table, noisy dishwasher running, pine needles and toys all over the carpet, and have a wild 1 year old running amuck.
Such a welcomed surprise though, Diane. I could have chatted on the couch with you all day!
You are just as sweet as your cookies are, which are almost too beautiful to eat. Almost. :)
Thank you for such a cheerful way to start a weekday!