Fall... in love

I feel like I'm fallin' for fall
No, I'm not prevaricating or am I exaggerating
Fall has got me in it's grasp, it must be said
Autumn's such a pleasin' season
You must see all the trees in blazin' colors
Orange, gold and red
Should I write fall a love letter, tell 'em how I feel
Better every time the season comes around each year
But maybe I'll just go on 'bout how nature puts a show on
As a prelude to all kinds of holiday cheer
I feel like I'm fallin' for fall
There are feelings of elation mixed with some anticipation
When I think of all the fun there is in store
And my heart just gets to thumpin'
Thinkin' bout piles of leaves I'll jump in
It's no wonder that it's Autumn I adore!
- Nick Jr. "Fall Into Autumn"
(Ewan is Moose and Zee's #1 fan!)

Pictures from Fall 2006