Can't get enough...

...of these cute tiny prints!

I had Ewan's hands and feet printed for his 1 year birthday, and I still (2 months later!) can't stop peeking at them and smiling.
I first saw displays of tiny hands and feet and Ewan's pediatrician's office. I called (the nicest lady ever!) Debbie right a way to schedule an appointment. I couldn't be more thrilled about the results! So... I am delighted to share her blog, Clayful Impressions, for those of you who have young children (who's adorable tiny hands and feet are just asking to be printed!) and live in the area.
Tell her Katrina sent you!.... I told her I'd send friends. :)
And in case you want what you see here, ask for "cutout" hand and foot stained in "blue bonnet".