Day 3... Perfection

By far, my favorite day of our trip!
We spent hours... laying in the sun, feeling the breeze blow through our umbrella, wading in the calm turquoise water, sand castle building (and smashing!) with Ewan's rusty shovel, chasing birds, burying the boys.
Then... lunch across the street at Buzz's Steak House.
Sightseeing stops on the way back around the island.
It was perfection. The kind of day you fantasize about when you think of a Hawaiian vacation. I'd do it over again 100 million times. :)

One liked being buried. One didn't. :)

Testing the waters.

All 3 of us enjoyed a good long swim... but Jeff couldn't get me to come out of the water. I was in heaven.

My beach baby.

Making stops on our way back around the island.

Umm... where'd my boobs go?? I need to either ditch this obviously very unflattering t-shirt, or not wear a bathing suit top around for the day (no support!), or come to the acceptance that this is what happens after breastfeeding a baby for 8 months. At least my curly hair wasn't too unruly that day.... a plus in my book. :)

Back to Grandma and Grandpa's house (somewhere down there!) in Honolulu.