And there you have it... the prettiest sunset spot on Oahu.
We walked outside right behind my Aunt and Uncle's house. Pretty cool backyard, huh?
This is Puka Shell Beach... where all the necklaces made in Hawaii get their shells from. The "sand" is made up of broken coral and puka shells. And contrary to what you might think, it was pillowy soft to walk on and unbelievably comfortable to sit in to sift through the coral and collect shells.

My Aunt Adriana and cousin Kaile playing in the sparkly sand.

See the coral and all the teeny tiny puka shells?

She calls me "cousin" and Jeff is "cousin's husband". Ewan is also just "cousin". :)

Ewan and I layed down to watch daddy "in" the sunset.

Can I please be there again right now? :)