Ewan finally took his first trip to Disneyland! The day was a complete success. He loved EVERY minute!


Firsts: Disneyland, Mickey Ears, Ride, Character Greet

When: March 29th (the day after Corey and Becca's wedding!)

Who: Daddy, Mommy, Ewan (first-timer), Papa, Nana, Uncle Steve, Aunt Debbie, cousins Gina, Dustin, Deon, Preslee (first-timer), Grant (first-timer), Deacon (first-timer), Londyn, Aunt Aimee, Uncle Alex and Jessica


Ewan on the tram to the park.

First stop: The castle!

Ewan got to wear his Mickey hat from Nana and Papa. They bought it for him before he was born. And it has his name on it!

Part of the gang... Jeff's Mom/Nana, Dustin, Aunt Debbie, Deon, and Deacon

Waiting in line for his first ride... DUMBO! Jeff ran into the Mad Hatter to buy Ewan his first Mickey Ears while we were waiting in line.

Riding Casey Jr's Train. We were in the monkey cage!

Meeting his first character... Pluto! Ewan was asleep during Mickey's House. He'll have to meet Mickey next time.

It was busy! Which meant a lot of waiting in line...

In line with Uncle Alex.

Aunt Aimee dancing in the parade!

Watching the parade with Jeff's Dad, also know as Papa.

Nana and Papa bought him a Disneyland jacket! He was happy about the hood. :)

Last ride... Small World. And he fell asleep. So sweet.

THEN... Dinner at Rainforest Cafe with the whole group (which meant TWO volcanoes!) and then Nana and Papa took Ewan home so that Jeff and I could stay and play in the park with Alex and Jessica! The four of us didn't leave the park until 1am! Pictures on that to come... :)