Annual Easter at Grandpa's

Grandpa and his girls.
Auntie Audra

Trying to help Ewan egg hunt...

Unsuccessful. He hates grass.

So mommy held him in the grass.

He much preferred hunting in the house.

Decorating Easter eggs!

Lunch time!

Then it was time for Grandpa's Annual Family Photo!

The trusty tripod.

Grandkids and Great-Grandkid. :)

Capturing every moment of Ewan's first Easter.

Auntie Felicia

Sunset swim time!

Trying to get a good family picture. He smiled! Only took 10 shots.

Playing with Grandma and Auntie Felicia.

Sisters. My mom and Aunt Cindy.

Peek-a-boo Uncle Franklyn!

Grandpa G

Where Jeff spent most of his time. The Master's on Easter! My wish has come true! Not. :)

Annual Chocolate Bunnies. And... you guessed it... Ewan's first! :)