Love My Backyardigans

In the beginning, I was obsessed with making sure Ewan didn't watch TV. I worried about statistics of young TV watchers and didn't want him to end up any negative health or growth effects. But go figure, he is facinated by the bright flashing tube when it's on. I will preface by saying that I limit the time the TV is on during the day because it just becomes annoying background noise. However, just this month Ewan has shown a prefrence of a certain show you may (if you have kids) or may not have heard of called The Backyardigans. It was on TV one morning, and he loved it! It's super cute, with bright colors and catchy songs. His favorite part is the intro song and dance. We've never made it through a full 30 minute episode, but the excitement he gets for a quick 10 minutes is adorable. So, it has become part of our morning routine. The Backyardigans, channel 252, 9am. :)

Here he is catching an episode a few weeks ago...