What a day!

I still can't believe he's here! Just a week ago he was still in my belly. I am savoring every moment and soaking up every day that we spend together as he gets one day older and one ounce bigger.

I have to say that labor and delivery was my favorite part of the entire pregnancy! I loved every minute of it. I experienced emotions and transitions of emotions that I never had before. My body amazed me as it knew exactly what to do and when to do it. By the time I was in my hospital gown and checked into my room, to the time when Ewan was born, the whole event was over in 4 hours... so it went quick! I look back on the process and try to remember every detail of every moment because I had enjoyed it so much and it was over so fast.

Jeff was an amazing coach, my doctor and nurses were angels, and my new baby boy is such a miracle. Here are some special pictures of that evening...

My mom drove me the hour to the hospital and Jeff met me there from work. It was an exciting phone call to make to him!

At the hospital, he was known as "Baby Lohman" :)

All of Jeff's family and my mom and sister waited to be the first to meet him!