Room Is Needed

I have been trying to wear my regular wardrobe for as long as possible. At this point, it's just not working, which prompted a minor meltdown today. I have been safety pinning and stretching hair elastics and ribbons across my clothing to give me a couple extra inches in the waist. At first I felt clever and inventive about my efforts, but now it just makes me feel sloppy and uncomfortable, not to mention worried that the elastic may slip allowing my pants to drop to my ankles. I've asked friends about what they wore during the in between stage, and everyone's answer was sweats. Unfortunately, I work full-time and don't have the luxury of wearing sweats to work. So, after attending church in uggs and a sweatshirt, I went in search of maternity wear. If I had an unlimited budget, this process would be a piece of cake with all the trendy options available. But this is not the case. I kept a conservative approach, knowing that I would only be wearing these items for a few months, and headed to Old Navy Maternity and Gap Maternity. Both have an up to date selection, with their best assets being their fabulous clearance racks! I ended up with a pair of elastic banded waist, black work pants and another pair in khaki. Practical, and oh so comfortable. I look forward to being able to sit and breathe comfortably in my new pants at work this week! :)