Now for a Name

We're not telling! Well, that was the original plan that seems to have gone out the window.

Jeff and I had made a list of girl and boy names. There were 10 girls names, none of which we were that crazy about, and then on the other side we had 1 boy name. We had the boy name chosen before we were even pregnant, for some reason we just loved it and it was an easy choice. Girls names seem to be a lot harder. We liked a few but they were all "too popular" for our taste. Everyone was convinced that we were having a girl (see earlier blog regarding "Ring Test") which left us in more turmoil over the name selection. We thought, if only it was a boy, we'd be set with the 1 name we had on our list. Sure enough God gifted us with a little boy, and we're very excited about his name!

Now, I still didn't want to share the name with anyone - we had a plan to keep it a surprise until the baby was born. As soon as Jeff found out he was having a son, he couldn't wait to tell everyone! And his excitement grew to the point where he couldn't hold back on telling everyone the name as well. We happened to compromise with just telling our families, and that's it. We'll see if he can hold it in a few more months.

So, if you're a lucky one who knows the name, you get to feel very special! You also hold the responsibility of keeping it to yourself. For those of you who have yet to find out, hang tight. You only have a few more months to wait and be surprised, or you may just run in to Jeff, the most excited daddy-to-be, who will most likely tell you his little boy's name... and tell you not to tell me that you know! :)