4 more sleeps til Halloween! If you're looking for a last minute costume, this classic, charlie brown style, sheet ghost is a quick and easy one! There are probably tons of tutorials now for making a ghost costume, but when I made this 5 years ago I just winged it. And every year since, this costume floats around (pun intended, ha!) the internet and I get piles of emails in October asking me "how-to". So  finally, here are the details!

That is a 15 month old June under there being "spooky".
You need one white flat sheet.
I layered two here because my one white sheet was cheap and thin. But one will do just fine!
Put the hem of the sheet in the front, touching the ground, then fold the sheet over the child's head.
Mark the back of the sheet where it touches the ground, take it off the child, and cut a straight line.
I left all the cut edges raw, no need to hem or seam.
Then I left a 5-6 inch opening at the top of the fold on each side for arm holes,
then sewed (or you could fabric glue) down the side.
I also ran a few stitches at the top where the head goes to hold the two sheets together.
That is, if you layer two sheets. One sheet by itself will totally work.
INSIDER TIP // this is also the spot where I put a safety pin on the inside, and pinned the top of the ghost to a beanie. That helped keep it from slipping off. And kept their head warm while trick or treating.
Once cut to size, put over child's head and mark where to cut the eye holes.
I then used black felt (or you could maybe use a sharpie pen) to make the eyes pop.
You can hand sew, or fabric glue them on.
So let's recap… sheet folded in half, cut to fit. (These were my dimensions above.) Then sew (or glue) down the sides, leaving room at the top for arm holes. Cut eyes holes, then sew (or glue) black felt around eye holes. Then, done! You are now ready to be spooooooky.
That's Ewan under there showing his sister how it's done.
He wanted to be a ghost so bad the year he was 3, and I was so happy to make it happen.

Here's 3 year old Ewan ghost, and 7 month old Graham Bear.
See the original post here!

If I missed anything or you have any questions, feel free to email me or reach me on instagram!

Happy Halloween!